MercuryLearn October 2017 course

October 9 2017 - November 26 2017 Web based

Mercury Learn is an online training platform to assist you in developing a comprehensive mercury release and emissions inventory using the standardized methodology and database provided by the UNEP Toolkit. 

The Course

The next course is scheduled for 9 October 2017 – 26 November 2017. The course is divided into two parts, over seven weeks:

  1. Inventory level 1, during the first two weeks
  2. Inventory level 2, for the final five weeks

At the beginning of each week, participants will receive a schedule for the week and relevant material. Participants will also benefit from the conversations taking place in our dedicated forums and we will guide your learning throughout the course. 

Course Requirements

Upon successful completion of each part, a participant will receive a certificate. Completion requires active participation and success in the tests. More detailed information will be given at the opening of the course. Study time is estimated at five hours per week.

Registration for the Course

UNITAR is now inviting participants to register for the course. In order to do so, please fill out the form here

The course is free to access; there is no cost to participants. The course is in English.

Upon successful completion, participants will receive a certificate.