Mobile data collection tool for national ASGM overview

Organization: UNITAR UN Environment
Themes: ASGM/NAPs; Primary mining; Minamata Convention
Language:  English
Year published: 2017

Collecting field data is often necessary to prepare the national Artisanal and Small-scale Gold Mining (ASGM) sector overview. The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) has developed a mobile data collection tool to accompany the two methodologies developed by the Artisanal Gold Council (baseline estimates) and UNITAR (socio-economic research methodology). The development of this tool has been funded by UN Environment Global Mercury Partnership, as a part of the National Action Plan (NAP) Global Component. 

The tool is a tailor-made electronic form to be used with KoBo Toolbox. The Kobo Toolbox is a free data collection solution available for Android mobile devices. It has been developed by the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative with support from UN OCHA. 

The tool has three main functions: 

  1. Combine location data with basic site-specific information to build a map 
  2. Contextualize and manage the pictures taken at the mining site 
  3. Manage data collection from distance and share the progress with key stakeholders 

Excel sheet: Mobile Data Collection Tool For ASGM Overview: Form

Presentation: Mobile Data Collection Tool For ASGM Overview: Quick Overview Presentation

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